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Grilling Methods

Direct Heat

For grilling pork chops, burgers, whole pork tenderloin and kabobs, use direct heat. Place pork on the cooking grate over the coals. The hottest heat will be found above the center of the coals. Cooler areas are found around the edges.  For gas grilling, turn all burners to high. After preheating, adjust the temperature as needed. Place food on the cooking grate and close the lid. Turn food as needed.

Indirect Heat

For pork roasts and ribs, use indirect heat. Place the coals on one side of the charcoal grate and a drip pan filled with a small amount of water on the other side.   Or, arrange the coals on both sides of the grill, with the drip pan in the middle. On a gas grill, after preheating, turn off any burners directly below the food. The burners on both sides of the food should be adjusted to provide equal amounts of heat (medium or low) as needed. The heat will circulate inside the grill, so turning the food should not be necessary.

Combo Cooking

Combo cooking is a combination of the direct and indirect methods. It is used to sear foods before cooking them slowly by the indirect method. Place food directly over coals for a few minutes and then move to the center or other side of the cooking grate to complete cooking. This method is perfect for extra-thick pork chops and larger tenderloins (1-1/2 pounds and larger), which will be nicely browned on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside.