Klosterman European Harvest Bread, Natural, 12 Whole Grain

We use only the finest ingredients from our family to yours. - Ken Klosterman. No artificial preservatives. European Harvest varieties. Our very best breads. The Klosterman Family has its roots in the baking business in Germany. In 1848 Frau Klosterman began selling baked goods that were so tasty she was recognized by William IV of Prussia for baking excellence. In 1880 Frank Klosterman came to the Unites States, and with his new wife, started a baking business called The French Baking Company. Klosterman's French Bakery fast became the favorite source for baked goods of many fine restaurants. Now these great breads are available at your favorite grocery store. A low fat food. Nutritionists have long recommended a sound diet based on grain products such as breads and cereals. Now, the USDA has developed the Food Guide Pyramid to help all of us learn the importance of each food group. Grain-based products, such as Klosterman Bread are the foundation of the pyramid. Klosterman Baking Company is proud to support the USDA in its efforts to improve our diets. Start your pyramid off right with fresh products from Klosterman Baking Company. BCT: Bakery Confectionary and Tobacco. Union made. AFL CIO CLC.