Pepperidge Farm White Bread Original

Pepperidge Farm® White Bread Original. White sliced bread. With a touch of buttery sweetness. Original. Per 1 slice. 70 calories. 0g sat fat, 0% DV. 75mg sodium, 3% DV. 2g sugars. We have been baking delicious breads with wholesome ingredients for you for over 75 years. Our passion and dedication to quality show in the care put into every detail. Pepperidge Farm original white is a delicious, versatile white bread baked with a touch of buttery sweetness and lower sodium natural sea salt. Reduced sodium - 40% less sodium than regular white bread†. Labels for Education. Cholesterol free. 0g trans fat. Low fat. +75mg sodium vs 125mg sodium per 25g slice in regular white bread (USDA national nutrient database for standard reference, release 24). If you have any questions or comments, please call us toll free at 1-888-737-7374 or visit us at