J. Skinner Triple Flavor-fest Ring Cheese, Raspberry & Apple Combo Danish

J. Skinner® Triple Flavor-Fest Ring™ Cheese, Raspberry & Apple Combo Danish. Modern Artisan Baking. Made with over 100 Years of authentic danish. Natural & artificial flavors. Authentic Danish ring. Through our single-minded focus on quality and flavor, the J. Skinner modern artisan baking company name has become synonymous with authentic, deliciously indulgent European-style baked goods. We take no shortcuts with methods or ingredients. Every mouthwatering Danish we make begins with over 100 layers of authentic Danish dough and an overnight resting process... infinitely superior to the quick, "no-time" methods used by our competitors. If you're not completely satisfied with our product, please contact us at 800-358-7428. It's a tri-fecta of terrific tastes... sweet apples, raspberries & creamy cheese, combined with our 100 plus layers of authentic Danish dough. It truly is a festival of luscious flavors. Mastering the tri-fecta of terrific. 3 Delicious flavors in one amazingly authentic ring! Over 100 Layers of European-style Danish dough glee-fully married to three amazingly delicious fillings... creamy cheese, raspberry and all-American apple. It's a triple crown combo sure to delight everyone. Thank you for purchasing a J. Skinner bakery product. We'd love to hear from you. Click on over to our website and drop us a line. skinnerbaking.com. 1-800-358-7428.