Country Time Strawberry Lemonade Flavored Drink Mix 18 oz

Flavored drink mix with other natural flavor. 130 calories per serving. Gluten free. A good source of vitamin C. No caffeine. Makes 6 quarts. Enjoy the great taste at summertime with the good old fashioned refreshment of Country Time lemonade. Cool and refreshing-not too tart not too sweet. And did you know that Country Time lemonade has no artificial sweeteners, or flavors? So go head and take time for summer’s simple pleasures, mix up a pitcher and enjoy! Learn more at Visit us at:, 1-800-431-1002; please have package available. Please refer to code numbers stamped on canister with all contacts. Country Time is a proud supports at Alex’s Lemonade stand foundation. Country Time donates annually to Alex’s Lemonade stand foundation to support their mission of coursing childhood cancer. Alex’s Lemonade stand. Foundation for childhood cancer.