Land O'Lakes 80% Vegetable Oil Margarine - 4 CT

Land O Lakes® 80% Vegetable Oil Margarine. Now with 0g trans fat per serving. See nutrition information for fat and saturated fat content. Still great baking results. Learn how. Four sticks. A product of Land O'Lakes, Inc. Use margarine with 80% vegetable oil. For better baking results. Tough, dry. Pale color. Flatter. Rounded top. Visible chips. Moist, chewy. Nicely browned. Made with a spread stick. Less than 80% vegetable oil. More water. Unpredictable baking. Made with Land O Lakes® margarine stick. 80% vegetable oil. Real margarine. 0g trans fat per serving. Learn more inside or go to Measurements: 1 stick = 1/2 cup. 1 lb = 2 cups. Thank you for selecting quality products from Land O'Lakes. Satisfaction guaranteed: Your comments are important! Call 1-800-328-4155. Visit our web site at: ©2002, 2015 Land O'Lakes, Inc.