Light & Fit Yogurt, Nonfat, Vanilla

Naturally & artificially flavored. Vitamin A&D. 45% fewer calories than regular lowfat yogurt. Non GMO ingredients (learn more at No artificial colors. rBST free (The FDA has said no significant difference has been shown, and no test can now distinguish, between milk derived from rBGH-treated and non-rBGH-treated cows). Certified gluten-free. Contains active yogurt cultures including L. acidophilus. Grade A. Comments? 1-877-326-6668; Great for mixing! Danone: A product of The Danone Group. Comparisons are for 8 oz Servings: Light & Fit Nonfat Yogurt: 110 calories; 0 g fat. Regular Lowfat Yogurt: 200 calories; 3 g fat.