Graeter's Ice Cream, Chunky Hippo

Limited edition. Toffee ice cream with peanuts & milk chocolate caramel truffles. Gluten free. We use good manufacturing practices to segregate allergens and avoid cross-contact with flavors that contain peanuts and tree nuts. From cows not treated with RBST. No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from RBST - treated and non-RBST treated cows. Package illustration provided by illustrator & children's author Loren Long. Learn more about Loren at www.graeters/com/chunkyhippo. Born out of our local partnership with the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, Chunky Chunky Hippo brings together roasted salted peanuts and milk chocolate caramel truffles in a creamy toffee ice cream base. Not only is it truly delicious, a portion of the proceeds from the salt of this flavor go to support the Cincinnati Zoo.