Stone Ridge Creamery Real Loaded Pretzels Ice Cream 1.5 qt

Brown sugar flavored ice cream swirled with a peanut butter swirl, chocolaty coated pretzel pieces and salty pretzel bark pieces. Per 2/3 Cup: 230 calories; 7 g sat fat (35% DV); 170 mg sodium (7% DV); 18 g total sugars. See nutrition information for fat and saturated fat content. Contains bioengineered food ingredients. At Stone Ridge Creamery we love making and eating ice cream. It's our passion. We use only the best ingredients, and don't take any shortcuts. Each and every batch is slow-churned to creamy, delicious perfection. Maybe that's why our premium ice cream tastes so good. Whichever flavor you choose, there's a smile in every scoop. 100% quality guarantee. Like it or let us make it right. That's our quality promise. 855-423-2630.