Pre Soaked Cedar Planks

Ready 2 Grill. From the package to the grill in seconds; not hours. No need to soak before use. Easy way to add savory, smoky flavor. Saves Time: Eliminates need to soak plank for up to 2 hours before use. Legendary quality since 1962. 1 fillet or 3 individual portions. The only grilling plank that doesn't need to be soaked before grilling! Jaccard's innovative, patent pending design saves time and eliminates the mess and fuss of soaking your grilling plank for up to 2 hours before use. Now with Jaccard's Ready 2 Grill- Pre-Soaked Cedar Planks, you can go from the package to the grill in seconds, not hours. Jaccard's high-tech packaging keeps the plonk moist and grill ready. No fuss - no mess to clean-up; no need to use the kitchen sink or find a large enough container to soak the planks. No need to use a heavy or bulky item to weigh down the floating plank donna the soak cycle. Grilling food on a cedar plank produces incredibly delicious and juicy results. It all started with the native people of the Pacific Northwest. who have used the plank grilling method for generations to prepare moist and flavorful foods for their festivals. Traditionally, plank grilling required you to pre-soak the plank for up to 2 hours before it was ready for the grill. Now, with Jaccard's exclusive and patent pending Ready 2 Grill- Pre-Soaked Cedar Plank, the plank is ready for the grill right out of the package. Ideal for adding flavor when broiling or grilling salmon, scallops, swordfish, sea bass, whitefish, chicken steaks and burgers. While the most common food cooked on cedar planks is salmon (see below, almost any meat. poultry or vegetable will be more juicy and flavorful when cooked on a cedar plant. For more information on this and other fine Jaccard products, visit our website at Toll Free: (866) 478-7373. Fax: (716) 825-5319. Planks come from a certified sustainable forest in Canada. Planks are 100% consumable or recyclable; use it up, burn it in your fireplace, make wood chips for your grill or recycle with yard waste. Assembled and packaged in USA.