Welch's® Passion Fruit Cherry Juice Cocktail 59 fl. oz. Carton

Flavored fruit juice cocktail blend. Made with apple, passion fruit, grape, cherry, and pineapple juices from concentrate. Share the love! A sunny sensation. Family farmer owned. Follow your passion for knowledge! Passion Fruit: The passion fruit plant is a fast-climbing vine. It can grow 20 feet in a single year! Cherries: Some cherry pits discovered in Europe date all the way back to 2000 B.C. That's the end of the Stone Age - a funny coincidence since cherry pits are referred to as stones! Did You Know: Each cherry tree produces about 30 pies' worth of fruit per year! Contains 17% juice. No artificial flavors, no artificial colors, and no preservatives added. Comments or questions? Call 1-800-340-6870 Weekdays 9 am-4 pm ET.