StarKist Kid's Creations Light Tuna Bacon Ranch Flavored

StarKist® Kid's Creations™ Bacon Ranch Flavored Premium Chunk Light Tuna. 14g protein. 110 calories per pouch. 95mg of DHA omega-3's* per pouch. Charlie. Lightly marinated. Flavor fresh pouch. Bacon ranch tuna wrap. Ranch is a child's (and parent's) best friend when it comes to eating healthy food! Now, we've combined their favorite dressing with a smoky bacon flavor and mixed it into our high quality tuna. The best news - you get them to eat something they won't realize is good for them! Try it in a wrap, on celery sticks or make a dip out of it. It's easy to be creative with this soon-to-be favorite! Dolphin Safe®. Questions or comments Call 1-800-252-1587 Mon-Fri. *For more information on omega-3's and great recipes visit ©StarKist Co.