Sylvia's Restaurant Golden Cornbread & Muffin Mix 8.5 oz

0 g trans fat. Queen of soul food. It's honey sweet. At Sylvia's Restaurant, we serve our Golden Cornbread in a wicker basket whenever people sit down. For us, steaming hot cornbread is a way of - sharing our warmth and hospitality. Some like it just like it is, which is Honey-Sweet. Others love to smother it with our Gravies, dip it in our Original Sauce, or splash our Kickin' Hot Hot sauce on it for a little heat. But everyone agrees: It's off-the-hook good with fish, chicken, ribs, greens and you name it! Cornbread goes great with just about everything. Or try these favorites of ours: Cracklin' Cornbread - Crumbles some cracklings into the wet batter before baking for a crunch that can't be beat. Syrup Cornbread - For an extra-sweet treat that we grew up with in the south, stir in 2 tablespoons of your favorite syrup to the wet mix. Corny Cornbread - Add some fresh, whole kernel corn to the wet mix before baking if you use canned corn, strain well first. For frozen corn, defrost and gently squeeze our excess liquid before using. Please enjoy our soul-satisfying sauces, dressings, seasoned vegetables, spices, soups and more. And come visit our restaurant - we'll have a table waiting for you.