McCormick Dark Chili Powder, 7.5 oz

While Texans lay claim to the invention of chili powder, everyone agrees that using chili powder is a lot easier than choosing the right chili peppers to dry, toast and grind. At McCormick, we’ve done that for you – our dark chili powder always starts with whole, ripe peppers that we expertly blend with garlic, salt and spices. McCormick Dark Chili Powder has a slightly sweet flavor that is just a little hotter than our regular chili powder. It gives rich earthy flavor and deep color to Southwestern chili and Tex-Mex tacos. This chili powder is a natural for the grill. It makes a delicious rub for beef, pork or chicken. Perk up the flavor of meatless dishes, bean soups and stews with a sprinkling of robust dark chili powder.