Dingo Dental Sticks 48 ea

For tartar control. Reduces harmful plaque build up. Real chicken in the middle! Preferred 9 to 1 vs. standard rawhide (test conducted by Q-Mark Research). Protect your pooch's pearly whites. Help fight stubborn plaque and tartar build-up with Dingo Dental Sticks, for tartar control. These yummy treats offer the same great taste as our original Dingo Munchy Stix with real chicken in the middle, plus the added freshness of parsley. Your dog is sure to love the taste of real chicken, and you'll love their sparkling, clean teeth. Easy to chew and fully digestible (as published in the JAVMA, Vol 197, July 15, 1990 Lage, A et al) Dental Sticks, for tartar control, with real chicken in the middle. 9 out of 10 dogs prefer Dingo brand rawhide chews over standard rawhide chews (test conducted by Q-Mark Research). Proven to reduce tartar buildup and remove plaque. So unique, they're patented. Treated by irradiation. www.Dingobrand.com. Made in China.