Band-Aid Medium Non-Stick Pads - 10 CT

10 2.0 in x 3.0 in (5.0 cm x 7.6 cm). No. 1 Doctor recommended brand. Proven in a clinical study to not stick to wounds. Highly absorbent. Band-Aid brand of first and products. Ideal for minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. Gentle protection so the hurt doesn't hold you back. Instantly absorbs fluids and pulls fluids away from wounds. Heals The Hurt Faster: Covering wounds can help protect you against dirt and germs that may cause infection. Not made with natural rubber latex. Exclusive access to Johnson & Johnson nurse hotline 1-800-526-3967. Questions? 800-526-3967; Outside US, dial collect 215-273-8755. Care to recycle. Made in China.