Blink GelTears Dry Eye Moderate-Severe Lubricating Eye Drops 0.34 oz

Other Information: Use only if tape seals on top and bottom flaps are intact. Retain this carton for future reference. Extra long-lasting relief. New look! Same great formula. Extra moisturizing for daytime & nighttime use. Ask your eye care doctor what makes Blink Gel Tears lubricating eye drops different from other eye drops. Relief with every Blink. Blink GelTears lubricating eye drops restores your tears' natural balance every time you blink. If you experience dry, gritty, burning or even watery eyes, you may be suffering from dry eye symptoms. Blink GelTears lubricating eye drops has all the advantages of Blink, Tears but with an extra lubricating formula for long-lasting relief from persistent dry eye symptoms. Extra hyaluronate provides longer lasting relief for moderate to severe dry eye symptoms. Instantly soothes & comforts. Great for both daytime & nighttime use. Relief with every blink. Product of China made in accordance with US FDA guidelines.