U By Kotex Security Tampons Super - 34 PK

U by Kotex® Security® Tampons Super Big pak! Trusted protection. 34 Unscented tampons plastic applicator. Tampon absorbency ranges these absorbency ranges and their corresponding terms are required to be used by all tampon manufacturers to indicate the amount of fluid absorbed using a standard laboratory test. Use the standardized absorbency ranges and terms to make comparisons between tampons of all manufacturers. Choose the minimum absorbency necessary to control your menstrual flow in order to reduce the risk of contracting TSS. Absorbency - Regular 6-9 grams. Absorbency - Super 9-12 grams. Absorbency - Super plus 12-15 grams. Sudden fever (usually 102 degrees F or more), vomiting, diarrhea, fainting or near fainting when standing up, dizziness, or a rash that looks like sunburn can all be warning signs of a rare but serious illness, Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). This illness can cause death. Should these symptoms occur, discontinue use and consult a physician immediately. You should also consult a physician before using tampons if you have had TSS warning signs in the past. Women using tampons during their menstrual period are susceptible to the risk of contracting TSS. The reported risk of TSS is higher among teenage girls and women under 30 years of age, but it can occur at any age. The incidence of TSS is estimated to be 1 to 17 per 100,000 menstruating women and girls per year. Studies indicate that higher absorbency tampons increase the risk of contracting TSS; therefore, we suggest you use tampons with the minimum absorbency needed to control menstrual flow in order to reduce the risk of contracting TSS. The chart on this package indicates the appropriate product for your different needs. You may avoid the risk of getting tampon-associated TSS by not using tampons, and reduce the risk by alternating tampon use with the use of pads or Pantiliners during your menstrual period. Please consult a physician if you have any further questions. Made in the USA from domestic and imported material. Super flexible. Satin soft* Plastic applicator. Expands for reliable protection. Trusted protection. Try u by Kotex®. Sleek®. Tampons. Grip it*. Exclusive anti-slip rubbery grip for "just right" placement. USA. Paper box. how2recycle.info. 1-800-335-6839. Consumer services. Kimberly-Clark Corp. Kotex® - since 1919. See your products at ubykotex.com. ® registered trademark and *trademark of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. ©KCWW. May be patented, see www.kimberly-clark.com/patents.