SmartMouth™ Gum & Plaque Clean Mint Activated Mouthwash™ 16 fl. oz. Bottle

Other Information: This rinse is not intended to replace brushing or flossing. Misc: Double spout activate. Both liquids with a single pour! H2S Eliminator (Eliminates H2S and all other volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) in the mouth) & Zn to the power+2 Activator. Activates zinc ions when poured. Clinical DDS. Maximum gingivitis & bleeding gums protection. Professional strength. 24 hr bad breath prevention (For 24 hr Bad Breath Prevention. Rinse 2x Daily After Brushing & Flossing). AM rinse = all day clean breath. PM rinse = eliminates morning breath. Guarantee (Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with SmartMouth after using twice daily for a minimum period of 2 weeks, please have your sales receipt on hand & call 1-800-492-7040. Limit one refund per household. Valid on 16 oz bottles only). Patented formula. Dentist developed. No aftertaste. Alcohol free. Safe for diabetics. questions or comments? Call 1-800-492-7040. Please recycle.