Essential Everyday Cleaning Pads, All-Purpose

4.1 inch x 2.8 inch. Scours without scratching (notice: some delicate, polished or painted surfaces may scratch. Do not use on automobile paint. Test first in an inconspicuous area and allow to dry to verify no surface damage. Rinse thoroughly after each use and squeeze dry, especially when using with products containing bleach. Not for aquarium use). Real savings, highest quality every day. Great products at a price you'll love - that's Essential Everyday. Our goal is to provide the products your family wants, at a substantial savings versus comparable brands. We're so confident that you'll love Essential Everyday, we stand behind our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Essential Everyday all-purpose cleaning pads help make your cleaning challenges trouble-free. Use with your favorite liquid cleaner for non-stick coated cookware, glassware, plastic, sinks, countertops, cabinets, tile and much more. Made in Mexico.