Prestone Antifreeze/Coolant, 50/50 Prediluted

Cor-Guard stops the spread of corrosion. Delivers longer engine life. Guaranteed for all vehicles (American/Asian/European). Patented Cor-Guard corrosion inhibitors. Do not add water. 5x more effective at protecting against corrosion (based on testing vs the leading branded competitor). No. 1 branded engine protection (Prestone is the number one selling antifreeze/coolant brand in North America). Trusted quality since 1927. Prestone cooling system lifetime guarantee. Visit our site or call for specific guarantee requirements and limitations. 1-888-269-0750. Prestone 50/50 Prediluted Antifreeze/Coolant is the convenient way to top off your car's cooling system with the superior protection of Prestone antifreeze. Prestone's patented Cor-Guard corrosion inhibitors, protect against corrosion and helps rejuvenate your car or light duty truck's tired existing antifreeze. This ready-to-use solution provides your car with the enhanced Cor-Guard inhibitor package and patented Prestone formulation that prevents corrosion and helps your engine run longer. Use Prestone to keep today's sophisticated cooling system running efficiently. All makes, all models of any car or light duty truck. Works with any color antifreeze. Will not void vehicle manufacturer's warranty. Up to 5 years of 150,000 miles of protection (with a complete flush and fill per manufacturers' recommendations). 50/50 prediluted antifreeze/coolant protection: -34 degrees F freeze-up protection; +265 degrees F boil-over protection (using a 15 lb pressure cap in good condition); meets ASTM D3306 and ASTM D4985 corrosion protection. Visit Questions? Call 1-888-269-0750. Made in USA.