Eedy 50/100/150 3 Way

Brightness Quality: 580/1,540/2,120, Lumens. Energy Info: $6.02/$12.05/$18.07, Cost depends on rates and use, 50/100/150, Watts, Volts. Package Info: 1. Bulb Life: 1.1, Years, Based on 3 hrs/day. Bulb Appearance: 2850, Kelvins. Misc: 2 - A21 bulbs. These lamps comply with Federal energy efficiency labeling requirements. Real savings - highest quality - every day. Have the power to choose! Choose from three different light levels. A great accent light, task light and reading light all in one bulb! No need for dimmers. Please contact us at Screw bulb firmly, but not forcibly, into socket. Otherwise, only one filament may light due to poor socket condition. Operate base down only. Product of USA.