SmartyKat Catnip Kiss Compressed Catnip Ball

SmartyKat® Catnip Kiss™ Compressed Catnip Ball. Concentrated catnip power. Complete Needs®. Excitement. Safe for pets. Satisfaction guaranteed. Play: Exercise. Hunt. Independence. Excitement. Interaction. The Complete Needs® system: helps you understand your cat's needs and provides products to meet those needs. Catnip is a safe and natural herb that revs up feline activity levels, increasing excitement and enjoyment. Catnip toys attract cats and prompt them to frolic, romp and play. Designed in USA. Safe for pets. 100% satisfaction. Eco Advantages®: Catnip produced without pesticides or chemicals. Safe for pets: SmartyKat® products meet or exceed all applicable safety standards. Learn more about your pet. Visit: 1-800-Worldwise.