Ref Dog Collar Med

Reflectech safety. Featuring safer & more secure QuadLock buckle & high visibility reflective stitching. QuadLock - the safest buckle for your pet. Our QuadLock buckle is stronger, safer and more secure than any other side release buckle. Engineered with 4 locking points (twice as many as regular buckles), the QuadLock buckle snaps into place with an audible click to indicate it is fully locked in. Ruffin' It's Reflectech 4 rows of high visibility reflective stitching provide enhanced safety. This collar fits most medium dog breeds including: Basset Hound; Border Collie; Brittany Spaniel; Dalmatian; Golden Retriever; Greyhound; Norwegian Elkhound; Samoyed; Schnauzer-Standard; Scottish Terrier; Shar Pei; Shetland Sheepdog; Springer Spaniel; Weimaraner. A family company. Made in China.