Keebler Club Minis Multi-Grain Crackers

Don't let their size fool you, Keebler Club Minis Multigrain are the real deal - made with no artificial flavors in every bite for total snacking satisfaction. Each crunchy, flaky cracker contains a delicious, buttery taste that's irresistible at snacktime. Keebler Club Minis Multigrain are perfect for game time, party spreads, school lunches, BBQs, after-school treats, taking a break at the office, late-night snacking and more - the options are endless. Take Keebler Club Minis Multigrain crackers along on field trips, trips to the park, picnics, outdoor concerts, while you're hiking or camping, or even while you're running your everyday errands. Keebler Club Minis Multigrain crackers are packed with delicious flavor and are a great addition to homemade snack mixes and party mixes. You'll love the one-of-a-kind flavor in every tasty handful of Keebler Club Minis Multigrain. Join the club!