Scotchgard Fabric & Carpet Cleaner, Anti-Stain Protection

Deep foaming action with Scotchgard anti-stain protection. Keeps your fabrics, upholstery, and carpets looking good longer. Ideal for large surface area; Penetrates into fabric and carpet fibers, breaking up dirt and lifting out stains; Cleans and refreshes fabric and carpet; Provides Scotchgard protection against future stains; No sticky residue. Applications: Upholstery; Auto upholstery; Canvas bags; Fabric furniture; Throw pillows; Luggage; Carpet; Crafts & quilts; Car seats; Rugs; Fabric purses; Bedding. Questions? 1-800-367-7683. Refer to safety data sheet 36-0138-2 for more information. In case of emergency, call 1-800-364-3577. Recyclable can must be empty if contents. Contact your local recycling authority. Contains no CFCs which deplete the ozone layer. Made in USA for 3M.