Great Lakes Brewing Co. Christmas Ale - 6 PK

Great Lakes® Brewing Co. Christmas Ale. A yuletide's worth of holiday spices and sweet honey to keep you a -wassailing all season long. Unwrap our label artwork to discover a wreath surrounding a candle-a holiday symbol of unity and light. And to make your spirits even brighter, ride your one-horse open sleigh over to our brewpub for friends, family, and pints full of holiday cheer. Learn more about our beer at Est. 1988 Cleveland, OH. Great Lakes Brewing Co. is an environmentally and socially conscious craft brewery from Cleveland, Ohio. Visit our historic brewpub and see for yourself! Recommended glassware: Christmas ale pairs well with roast duck, spiced desserts, and ugly Christmas sweaters. Please recycle. It's kind o f our thing. 6 twelve oz. bottles. 7.5% alc by vol. Do not open 'til Christmas Whoever coined that phrase obviously hasn't tasted Christmas ale's fresh honey, cinnamon, and ginger flavors. An ale with spices and honey. Great Lakes® Brewing Co., Christmas Ale™; and all associated artwork and logos are trademarks of Great Lakes Brewing Company. 216.771.4404.