• Hyde Park
  • 3872 Paxton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45209
  • Open Daily 6am-11pm
  • Main Line: (513) 619-5454 Mobile Markets: (513) 342-4200
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    1.5 lt








    Teresa Franzia planted her first vineyard in 1906 and when Prohibition ended, her children rebuilt the winery. The advertising slogan, Make Friends with Franzia, introduced a new generation to wine. Franzia continues the heritage of quality, freshness and value by utilizing the Select Vintage Blending, which marries the fruit-forward character of young wines with the rich body and structure of mature wines. Our White Zinfandel is a refreshing, semi-dry blush wine with delicate strawberry flavors. Enjoy with cheese, salads and simple pastas. Alc. 9.5% by vol. Vinted and bottled by Franzia Vineyards, Ripon, CA.