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  • 3872 Paxton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45209
  • Open Daily 6am-11pm
  • Main Line: (513) 619-5454 Mobile Markets: (513) 342-4200
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    2.5 oz








    With flax & chia. To your good health - Bob Moore. An employee-owned company. Gluten free. Sourced non-GMO pledge. USDA Organic. Certified Organic by QAI. Worl's best oatmeal. Whole grain. Dear Friends, This delightful blend of whole grain rolled and stone-ground oats, nutritious seeds, and delectable fruits is sure to make you swoon. Now the world's best oatmeal is gluten free, organic and ready to go anywhere. To your good health, - Bob Moore. For more information on our sourced non-GMO Pledge, visit bobsredmill.com/non-gmo. 100% Whole Grain: 44 g or more per serving. 100% of the grain is whole grain. WholeGrainsCouncil.org. Tested and confirmed gluten free in our quality control laboratory. Visit our website at www.bobsredmill.com.