• Hyde Park
  • 3872 Paxton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45209
  • Open Daily 6am-11pm
  • Main Line: (513) 619-5454 Mobile Markets: (513) 342-4200
  • Size

    14 oz






    Get fed at the shed! BBQ sauces & marinades. Junk free. National Barbecue Association Awards of Excellence. 2012 Scovie Awards. It's not just sauce. It's a way of life. Brad, Brooke - co-founders of the original joint. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. A thin, tart, full of flavor tomato based BBQ sauce with apple cider vinegar, a dash of red pepper and a touch of brown sugar. Sure to deliver a spicy yet sweet vinegar kick. Family's secret weapon until now! Welcome to the family! Crafted to pair perfectly with The Shed BBQ marinades. Recipes at ShedBBQ.com. www.ShedBBQ.com. Facebook. Twitter.