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  • 3872 Paxton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45209
  • Open Daily 6am-11pm
  • Main Line: (513) 619-5454 Mobile Markets: (513) 342-4200
  • Size

    12 oz






    Koop's™ Mustard Stone Ground. Since 1897. Gluten free. Full rich flavor and robust texture in a classic stone ground mustard. Net Wt. 12 oz (340 g). In 1897, a young adventurer named Peter Koops set out from Holland to create his own American dream. He began with a simple hand-crank mill and the finest ingredients to produce robust, stone-ground mustards sold by the ladle from his horse-drawn cart. Our delivery methods may have changed, but our attention to quality and freshness remain the same. Certified Gluten-free. Visit www.koopsmustard.com.