Remke Rewards

wide banner graphic that says "Remke Rewards"

Remke Markets is a proud, local grocer. Serving fresh, quality produce, meats and products to our neighbors puts a smile on our face. 

Every day, we want to say thank you to our customers for their support.  Remke Rewards is our way of doing just that.

It’s more than a card in your wallet, or tag on your keychain.  It is a complete program to tell our customers – in more ways than one – thank you.  It’s a thank you for supporting a local grocer dedicated to helping local families.

Let Remke Markets start rewarding you for your loyalty today!  If you’d like to enroll, simply follow this link to complete registration and begin enjoying the good stuff in no time.  If you have questions, or would rather sign up in person, chat with one of our friendly associates and they’ll be happy to help!

Mother and daughter shopping in produce department